Making Bedroom Fantasies Come Alive

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It’s not uncommon to become bored in the bedroom after you’ve been with your partner for any length of time. This doesn’t mean the relationship is going downhill, it just means an extra spark may be needed to recreate the old feelings again. There are some simple ways to introduce fantasies in to the bedroom without making anyone uncomfortable.

Read Some Erotica

If you’ve ever thumbed through the pages of an erotic novel, you know how easy it is to become aroused. This is also a good way to introduce some fantasy in the bedroom. Simply find a book that has short stories, and read each other a story. You may find the spark is there and you’re hot and heavy before the story even ends. Swingers sites are great places to read Erotica, many have lots of Swingers Stories, so if you don’t have access to a book they can be ideal to get you in the mood.

Simple Role Playing

Try getting a skimpy french maids outfit and treat your boyfriend to a clean house when he gets home. For a guy, grab a tool belt and pretend to be fixing the cable when she comes home. Role playing doesn’t have to be too far out of the norm to create an unforgettable fantasy experience.

Visit An Adult Toy Store

Toys and other accessories can be an inexpensive way to spice up a mundane bedroom. Find an adult movie that looks like you will both enjoy, or find some small toys. For those who are more adventurous, look for some handcuffs or straps. You can go as mild or steamy as you want.

Play a Saucy Game

Come up with a card game that involves removing clothing or performing sex acts. This can be played in the comfort of your own bedroom, and doesn’t have to cost a lot to set up. The anticipation is allowed to build and it will create a much hotter experience.

Erotic Writing

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Express Yourself!

One of the easiest ways to break through sexual barriers you may have is by incorporating erotic writing in to your relationship. This is great if you have hang ups, or want to try something new but are afraid to approach the subject. With erotic writing, there are no rules. You can completely express yourself without worrying about fears or feeling silly. This is a great way for anyone to add a new level of eroticism to a relationship.

What to Write?

If you’ve ever had a fantasy that you were afraid to play out, or just too uncomfortable to bring up the idea with your partner, writing can provide you an outlet for this. Just sit down and think about the fantasy, writing it as you go. You may feel awkward as you first start out, but with in a few sentences you’ll feel much more comfortable.

Couples Writing

Another great bedroom game to add to your repertoire is creating erotic stories. Instead of acting out on your impulses, you take turns writing different scenes in a story. This can create a steamy atmosphere that will leave both of you completely open to new ideas. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life.

Publishing Your Work

If you’ve written a piece you are especially proud of, consider publishing it. You may not make a lot of money, but you can share your passion with others who are interested in reading erotica. There are several websites devoted to amateur erotica, and you don’t have to pay to publish. Many of these sites will also allow other users to leave comments and rate the work.

Best Online Dating sites

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It can be tricky to try to find the best online adult dating sites. You will find that this is something that a lot of people struggle with. You want to find a site that you can trust and one that will allow you to meet somebody that you can have a future or at least some fun with. Know what to look for in dating sites.


If you are on a dating site then you will want to keep certain information private of course. This is something that should be extremely important to you no matter what. A lot of the privacy that you get will have to do with how much information you provide. However, sites should not give away too much information than what you are comfortable with sharing.


Look for a site that can provide to you a large group of people. You also want to make sure that you are able to find a lot of people in your area. If the site that you are on cannot give you a large amount of people to choose from then it may be time to look elsewhere, for adult dating we always advise people to join a Swinging site, the members are always open minded and they are great places to meet people for no strings sex. .


If you are into specific things or have certain deal breakers then make sure that the site that you go with can help you out with this. Look for sites that cater to people that have the same interests and beliefs as you. This is something that can greatly help you to get the best match possible.

How to find a date

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It can be frustrating and difficult to be able to find a date that you actually enjoy being with and around. You will find that there are several different dating sites out there; you will simply need to try to find one that is going to be able to fit your needs and find you someone that shares your interests.

Be Specific

If you are into specific things sexually, then it is a good idea for you to look into dating sites that specialize in this. This way, you will be completely and totally sure that the person that you are with will be comfortable with whatever it is that you are into. It can be easy to scare people away that are unfamiliar with certain sexual acts. You can nip this problem in the bud by making sure that they know this right off the bat about you.

Be Honest

It can be easy to get a date if you only tell people what they want to hear. However, it can be difficult to keep a date once the truth comes out. If you are looking to date somebody seriously then you will need to be yourself from the beginning. It can be uncomfortable and awkward later down the road if you end up having to tell somebody that you were not the person that you claimed to be. This is something that almost always ends up being a deal breaker if you break somebody’s trust so early in the relationship.

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